Friday, August 04, 2006

I'm a firm believer in something I believe to be obvious to most people, but I'm not taking any chances: your background colors your perceptions. More than that, it can make it impossible for you to see things at all. So before I start posting to this here blog, I thought I'd be upfront with you, about me. I'm a tall, white man who grew up in the midwest as the son of a well-respected professor of mathematics. This comes with a certain amount of baggage (way over the carry-on limit), but I can handle it. I'm accustomed to at least being listened to, and often get my way. I don't expect people to run into me in the store, or ignore me in other situations. I've got an intellectual understanding of what it is to be poor, but let's face it: I've never gone hungry or had to choose which bills to pay. I'm used to having choices. So now you know.


Steve Yegge said...

Speaking as a ruddy, impoverished dwarf who's routinely mistaken for a fire hydrant, I'd vouchsafe that as long as you don't pull a Mel Gibson on us, people are generally pretty forgiving. And the ones who aren't are a bunch of kneebiting wankers, so you're more or less covered.

Seriously, though, don't say anything in your blog that you'd regret if you later wanted to run for President, or perhaps be the VP of Google's Kirkland office.


On a completely unrelated note, I keep waiting for you to mail me so I can blatantly and overtly recruit you. So hey man, send me some mail! ;-)

Tom said...

If you ever need to understand what it's like to have to decide what bills to pay, you can always email your brother