Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Retelling an Old Joke

President Bush decides he wants to create a national appreciation day for either the sun or the moon, but he can't decide which one. It has to be the one that's most important to us, but he can't make up his mind.

So he calls in his science advisers and asks them, which is more important: the sun or the moon? They talk to him about fusion and reflection and refraction and rotation and photosynthesis and convection until his head is spinning.

He thanks them for coming in and thinks for a bit, which makes his head spin even more. So he calls in Dick Cheney.

The VP talks to him about oil and solar power and hydrogen made using solar power, and it all becomes clear.

The next day, the President holds a press conference to announce that tomorrow will be National Moon Appreciation Day, because after due deliberation and consultation he has determined that it is the moon that is most important to us: the moon lights up the night, while the sun only shines during the daytime, when we don't need it.

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